8 things you need to know about B2B content marketing

1) content marketing is not just for b2c companies b2b companies can benefit from this strategy just as much as those that go directly to the end user. You do not believe it? Think of examples like adobe, microsoft or unbounce. As with b2c companies, business-to-business businesses must focus their strategy on creating valuable. Consistent and relevant content to attract and retain their customers. When executing this strategy, there are some differences in terms of the topics to be addressed, the formats. The distribution channels, the means of promotion and the objectives of the content.

Content marketing is not just for B2C companies

This figure represents an increase of 2% from the Germany Phone Number List previous year. The conclusion is clear: content marketing has become one of the bases of the strategy of b2b companies. The main reasons for this are that it produces long-term value, helps them communicate with their customers, and is a great medium for exchanging information. 3) most b2b marketers employ at least 13 content marketing formats within the content marketing bag. We have endless options to choose from, so why stick with just one? Switching between different formats makes it easier to reach different audience segments. Together with content curation, this tactic allows the reuse of information to make the investment profitable and increase the reach.

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Most marketers already employ B2B content marketing

Do you want to know more details? These are the formats Leads Blue and tactics most used by b2b marketers. According to the Content Marketing Institute report cited in point 2, most B2B marketers consider LinkedIn to be the most used and most effective platform for distributing their content. Thanks to it, brands are able to establish relationships, improve brand recognition, distinguish themselves as leaders in their respective sectors, launch highly targeted ads, drive traffic to their web pages and identify potential leads.

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